The divine book ‘Bhagwad Gita’ gives us a lot of emphasis on being a ‘Karmayogi’. Lord Krishna says to Arjun, “Do what you can, the best you can and then think about it the least you can”. It meant that taking action is our prerogative, result depend on other factors, which are many times beyond our control.

In my limited experience and exposure in life, I have met some people who I call as true ‘ Karmayogis’.


I have categorized them into three:


‘Enlightened Souls’ – These are the ones who have accumulated immense knowledge from their previous experiences or may be previous life times. Hence they are focused on their karma rather than the outcome. They are not bothered much about people’s opinion and the worldly standards. Their whole being radiates of happiness.


‘Contented Souls’- These are the ones who I terms as, ‘born satisfied’. Their brain waves are not tuned to the frequencies of worry, negative thinking and retrospection. They are in a permanent state of bliss and hence their life itself is a blessing.


‘Karmayogi by Default’- These are the souls who have to undergo a lot of karmic thrashing to understand the lesson that, “Nothing is in my hands”.

I for one fall into this category. Very early in life I realized that good voice does not mean that you get to become the solo singer. It can be a direct outcome of how good you are in the books of your music teacher.

Being a good and sincere employee does not mean that you are well paid. It can also depend on your negotiating skills versus negotiating skills of your employer.

Being passionately in love with someone cannot guarantee that you will be loved back with the same intensity. It can depend on the moods and fancies of the person in question.

Being nice to people around you does not ensure that they will not bitch about you. It is a reflection of their own sanskars.

Etc, etc, etc ………………….

  • Do I sound pessimist?:-( Do I sound cynical?


No I am not. The truth is, sooner you see the larger picture the better it is.

Some things need not be understood they just need to be felt.

When you feel, then only you realize and when you realize you are there, almost there.

Life is how you take it. 🙂


  1. Being a good Karmayogi means doing your very best to serve God and Man, even in the smallest matters, serving honestly and completely. I learned this from my Guru, Dr. Sundara Raman, who considers himself, as you describe it, a “Karmayogi by default.” I tell him that this is the best path he could possibly pursue, as a physician and teacher. He’s not so sure, but accepts it because that’s his karma! I am also a Karmayogi By Default (you said it so well), but I need a lot more teaching and guidance! Om Shalom–Liebe

    • We all go through phases in our life. In some situations we choose to be a Karmayogi and in some we have no option but to go on doing our duty even when we are aware that it may all go down the drain. Nice to know about your Guru.

      Om Shalom.

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