With love he invited all to dine

With trust he shared his own bread

With respect he treated them all

One of them gave him away and another of them disowned him not once, twice but thrice.

Hail Jesus, the One who healed, “Why thou not change their hearts?”

Hail Jesus, the One who performed miracles, “Why thou not save yourself”?

For even the Son of God has to pass his own tribulations.

When he could not escape how can we…

We accept it all O Lord, with grace and dignity.

    • No Laura, I am not a Christian. I read this anecdote of Jesus and Peter and this poem came to me.

    • God is within us. Our soul is a part of the great divine and it knows everything. The problem is its voice gets stifled in the mayhem of external noises.

      Thank you for the visit and the comment.

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